All the information you’ll need to be able to use LotAtc 4 DCS is here.

What is LotAtc?

LotAtc is a client + server software witch is connected with DCS World Simulator and provide users to get an ATC/CGI view of the battle. Play the role of a tactical or air traffic controller and provide help to human pilots so that they better accomplish their missions, by radioing them a picture or guidance instructions!

LotAtc 4 DCS is for DCS multiplayer (but works well in solo also!); as an ATC, you may radio your instructions & informations to pilots using a voice software such as TeamSpeak, Mumble… etc.

LotAtc originally stands for “Lock-On tiny ATC” (back in 2006!) and later “Lock-On tactical Air Traffic Control” to emphasize the importance of the tactical part. The original name was retained for the current LotAtc 4 DCS version as it is well known by the online community.

Feature list of current version and Roadmap

Kindly refer to the Features page.

How do I get LotAtc 4 DCS?

LotAtc 4 DCS Client application requires a license to be purchased. The licence costs €20.00 if you’re an individual or a non-profit organization. See the Get License page for more information.

LotAtc 4 DCS Server application is free to use. You can get it here: Download.

Need help?

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User Guide

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More help

You can also use checklists to check your installation or learn more on LotAtc with tips.