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    Product Description Price per license  
image Buy LotAtc Client Connect to LotAtc Server or LotAtc Generator and control humans or IA using a great UI €25.00 DEMO AVAILABLE
image Buy LotAtc Advanced LotAtc Client + Instructor module / theme support / remote server admin commands €50.00  
image Buy LotAtc Generator Run scenario and interact with them with LotAtc Client/Advanced €50.00  
image See LotAtc Editor Create and edit scenario for LotAtc Generator Included with LotAtc Generator  
image See LotAtc Server Module for DCS to allow LotAtc Client/Advanced to control DCS aircrafts Free  
image See LotAtc Configurator Modify and customize LotAtc Server for DCS easily Free  

The licence includes:

  • the right to use the current version of the software on one unique computer,
  • all next bugfixes releases

The license is for one computer and is only valid if you’re an individual or a non-profit organization. If your are not in this case or you are professionals, please contact me directly

For squadrons, check the server side licensing, it could interest you!