What is it ?

It allows to store LotAtc client licenses on server side and use them for unregistered clients when connecting. In this case, client will have all features in client during the connection time even if user has no licenses himself.

Perfect for squadrons use!

Only LotAtc Client licenses work as Server side licenses, LotAtc Advanced is NOT supported as Server side licenses.

Where to put server side licenses?


In your C:\Users\<you>\Saved Games\DCS\LotAtc Data\Server\Licenses\ directory

For DCS Dedicated server

If your are using dedicated DCS server, it will be in your: c:\Users\you\Saved Games\DCS-SUBDIR\LotAtc Data\Server\Licenses\ directory (DCS-SUBDIR is your dedicated directory specified by -w on the DCS command line, with no -w option DCS-SUBDIR is DCS.openbeta_server).

How it is working ?

graph TD A[Client try to connect] -->|Ask for authentication| B{Has valid license?} B -->|Yes| D[User authentication] B -->|No| E{Server side license available?} E -->|Yes| D D -->|Yes| G[Connection OK] D -->|No| F E -->|No| F[Reject Connection]


  • In our squad, we have 3 licenses for client, can we use them for server side licensing?
    • Of course, they are the same license.
  • Where to put server side licenses?
    • See above
  • I put my license on my client AND on my server, it is ok ?
    • It will work, by the way, it can be used only once, either by you when connecting with your client, or by a friend with no license, no really aimed for that…
  • In last case, what happens if an unregistered client use my license and I want to connect with my client?
    • You will not be allowed to connect, by putting your license on server side, the first one that use it to connect (registered client or unregistered client) take the license, second one will be rejected.
  • What happens if a registered client connect to the server ?
    • Registered client can use LotAtc has before, it does not be taken in account in floating licenses.
  • Where to buy server licenses ?
    • At the same place and same price than for client, license are the sames: Get License
  • I have 3 licenses with same name lotatc.key, how can I put them in same directory ?
    • You can rename them as you want, just keep the .key extension so johndoe.key is ok
  • Can I use LotAtc Advanced license as server side license?