LotAtc is a client + server software which is connected with DCS World Simulator and provide users to get an ATC/CGI view of the battle. Play the role of a tactical or air traffic controller and provide help to human pilots so that they better accomplish their missions, by radioing them a picture or guidance instructions!

Try it by downloading the free demo and join the LotAtc community with more than 1000 users! You have a problem, an idea, a suggestion? Contact me (DArt)!

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Get current stable version: 1.2.3
Get current beta version: 1.3.0-beta1


Client runs indepently of DCS

No need of DCS to run the client, just connect ! How to connect…


Free and easy server install

Install of LotAtc server into DCS is free, easy and well integrated, configure it directly from DCS Server! How to configure…

What it simulate

Advanced realist radar coverage

LotAtc simulates radar coverage with advanced concepts like relief, elevation limit, speed… More…


Configure maps as you want

Choose to display rivers, towns, roads, drawings, set all colors and make your map as you like More…


Airports datas

LotAtc extracts from DCS and shows all runways, displays TACAN, ILS, frequencies. Airport radar approach is part the radar coverage.

Glide view

Help pilots to land

LotAtc provides glide view for approach, help pilot to land in very bad conditions… More…


Communicate by chat and shared draw

Communicate by chat with DCS pilots/controllers and shared drawings with your side controllers How to draw…


Help pilots with BRAA

You can give interception course and Bearing Range Altitude Aspect data More…


Integration with UniversRadio (SRS in progress)

Talk with others controllers or pilots by using UniversRadio or SRS that simulate real radio coverage

Last news:

Need some feedbacks on 1.3.0-beta1

Network communication update Read more…

LotAtc 1.2.3 and 2.X news!

Bugfixes release and some news… Read more…

WIP on airport view

ATC is coming! Read more…

More news…

Squadrons using LotAtc

If your want to add your squadrons here, let me know .