LotAtc is a well-known project in DCS World community from several years now. Since December 2018, RBorn Software entity is dedicated also to professional branch.

In January 2019, French Navy (Marine Nationale) came with the idea to use LotAtc to train their controllers. In that aim, the request was to have something simple to run scenario on a tape and be able for instructor to interact with through an IPS (Instructor Pilot Simulated) module.

Advantages of LotAtc Client for that project are :

  • An easy way to install and maintain
  • No specific hardware needs, standard computers are compatible
  • Possibility to connect through any IP network (internet, internal network)
  • Possibility to connect with radio system ( UniversRadio or SRS ) to enhance immersion
  • Realistic simulation of radars with easy-learning approach

This was the start of LotAtc Generator and Instructor module projects.

Using same core than LotAtc Server, LotAtc Generator is built to be fully compatible with LotAtc Client so that you can connect to both software programs with same work-interface for users. LotAtc Generator is totally independent of DCS World and can simulate any scenario in any part of the world. This allows French Navy to work on modern theaters at any time.

LotAtc Generator works with a unit database that contains planes, helicopters, ships, vehicles, ground units you can edit directly (standard Json files or LotAtc Editor). French Navy can so enlarge database with new unit types and characteristics.

For instructors, an Instructor module has been added to LotAtc Client to enable IPS. Once connected, instructors can easily interact with server to :

  • Pause/unpause simulation at anytime
  • Add/remove dynamically any item in database
  • Modify any item in simulation to set a new heading, speed, altitude, transponders, radar status…


Instructor can start a tape and take over the target to train its students. He can also use radio to simulate pilots communications. All of that contribute to create conditions for students that are close to real world.



All sessions are saved and can be replayed with TacView with combination of tracks and audio (UniversRadio) both in the same file. Debriefings are easy to do and instructors can explain to students errors / good operations.

This project is going at a further step with the addition of following features coming in next months:

  • APP6 Classification
  • Tape/pattern edition
  • Datalink simulation
  • Weapons management and guidance
  • Weather management

With LotAtc Generator and Instructor module, French Navy has already achieved the LotAtc-based training of first students generation that is now deployed for French Rafale and Hawkeye control !

I would like to warmly thank French Navy for this wonderful opportunity and especially OPC3D members for their professionalism and help on this project.

Official French Navy article about this project (with some pictures) is available here.

Finally, LotAtc Generator and Instructor module included in LotAtc Advanced are available to any users. See products page for more information.

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