LotAtc Instructor allows you to interact with any item on the map (plane, helicopter, ship, vehicule, human or AI).


On LotAtc Server, there is some restriction (for human, biut also for IA), it is WIP

Features supported

Feature LotAtc Generator LotAtc Server(DCS)
Heading Yes Yes (need mission script)
Speed Yes Not yet (WIP)
Altitude Yes Not yet (WIP)
Pattern Yes Not yet (WIP)
Waypoints Yes Not yet (WIP)
Move unit Yes Yes (need mission script)
Create new unit Yes Not yet (WIP)
Delete any unit Yes Yes (need mission script)

DCS is very WIP, it will change in next weeks.

How to use


All instructors functions use Alt modificator key:

Shortcut Description
Alt+Double-click on item Open instructor view for selected item
Alt+Right click from item Change heading of the item
Alt+Wheel event on item Change altitude of the item



Instructor view


You can open Instructor view with:

  • Alt+Double-click on item
  • Bottom of selection/properties dock


Create/delete units

You can use context menu on the map to create/delete an unit. (not yet available for DCS).