LotAtc is very respectfull of user data, nothing is collected by the software or the website.

LotAtc respects GDPR.

This webpage explains how user data is managed on this website and in LotAtc products.

Payment data

LotAtc License use payment email (Paypal or Stripe) to generate an unique id for license, this email is only used to send the license, it is not used or shared for anything else. Payment data (name/email/address) are only used for invoicing process.

No software analytics

  • LotAtc software do not record any user data or use in any of products and do not upload any use
  • LotAtc software can check new updates regulary (you can disable it in options). No analytics are used on server side on this process

License management

  • When you are asking an upgrade from LotAtc Client to LotAtc Advanced, License id is transmitted to LotAtc servers to check if upgrade is valid and to send you payment link, no analytics and no data are stored in this case.
  • License checks are done to ensure that license still valid, it is done locally only. LoAtc automatically download license database update (only contains id+status, no user data as email or name )


Need more details, you can contact me :

You can contact me: