Current version is 1.0.2

Only for DCS <1.5.8 and DCS <2.2.0 (FOR CURRENT DCS USE 1.0.3-rc3 in beta section)


  • New: QFE on airport
  • New: QFE altitude on approach
  • New: Add 2°/5° lines in horizontal view in approach
  • New: Add LSLLC line in approach
  • Lots of fix on approach/ILS
  • Update system libs, improve display performances
  • Add NATO symbols (132nd query)
  • Add Stuka NTTR json files in drawing directory of LotAtc client
  • Better Lon/Lat decimale management
  • Fixes: round wind direction
  • Fixes: BRAA on airports/items
UniversRadio support
  • Fix for UR
  • new airports
  • Intercom should be ok
  • NEW MAP ON NEVADA THANKS TO TOUBIB from 3rd Thanks for the job man!
  • BIG IMPROVEMENT ON DISTANCE/HEADING ( true and magnetic) on all maps
  • NO NEED TO RESTART DCS when changing LotAtc settings in DCS options
  • Fix icon in DCS Options
  • Fix for TN name attribution in realistic

Server : FREE

Server is free to use!

Server LotAtc4DCS - 64 bits - 1.0.2 (EXE) Server LotAtc4DCS - 64 bits - 1.0.2 (OvGME/JSGME)

  • You will need to install the following files for JSGME Mod version and put it in your {Users}\LotAtc 4 DCS Data\ directory. (ex: C:\Users\DArt\LotAtc 4 DCS Data\relief.db)

  • FOLLOW INSTRUCTIONS IN README inside the package

See Server Installation guide for help


Client needs a license, if you do not have one: Get License

Without it, you can run it as demo version, limitations are:

  • 10 minutes until disconnection
  • Only one connection by LotAtc DCS session (to be able to reconnect, you must relaunch a mission on the DCS host)

LotAtc4DCS - 64 bits - 1.0.2 (EXE)

See Client Installation guide for help


Current version is 1.0.3-rc3

Only for DCS 1.5.8+ and DCS 2.2.0+


  • (new in rc3) IFF Fixed
  • (new in rc3) UR stability fixes
  • IFF coalition fixed for IA
  • Updated French coalition
  • Add color settings fro measure and BRAA lines in map properties
  • Dynamic weather support (partially, temperature and pressure only), METAR is displayed on airport properties
  • UniversRadio transponder support! (in advanced realistic profile, friend is directly tagged as friend coalition with it!)
  • UniversRadio ATIS Voice Server support (use create ATIS button in airport properties while connected with UniversRadio to create an automatic ATIS)
  • QFE/QNH fix
  • Various fixes
  • Updated libraries (no more 32bits support for client)
  • Add basic Normandy maps
  • Implement Normandy airports (in progress)
  • NTTR airports fixed
  • All server is now installed in Saved Games, NO MORE FILES IN DCS/bin
  • Fix for Last december DCS Update
  • Installer will install all maps now
  • Various fixes
Special instructions for server:

If you have currently the 1.0.2 or older installed:

As LotAtc does not more need to install things in DCS directory, here the best ways to install server:

  • uninstall previous LotAtc server
  • deactivate others mods (we need to do a repair)
  • in DCS\bin, delete
    • Qt5Core.dll
    • Qt5Sql.dll
    • Qt5Network.dll (Qt5Gui.dll does not matter, you can keep it)
    • libeay32.dll
    • libssl32.dll
    • ssleay32.dll
    • plugins directory
  • Launch a DCS repair to restore all files
  • Install as usual LotAtc server, it should works :)

Beta version is available to be tested by user, it is not considered as stable. Beta client MUST work with SAME version of server.

Server : FREE

Server LotAtc4DCS - 64 bits - 1.0.3-rc3 (EXE) Server LotAtc4DCS - 64 bits - 1.0.3-rc3 (OvGME/JSGME)


LotAtc4DCS - 64 bits - 1.0.3-rc3 (EXE)