Current version is 1.2.3

Compatible with all DCS version - Support DCS Dedicated Server


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Coordinates is available in HH°MM’SS.ssss format
Add more customisation for label (line colors, position, behavior)

Ground units filter is applied to naval units also
Rework BRAA list dock, delete button is no more hidden on resize
Rework on connection dialog (add clone/rename functions, bugfixes)

Fix problem with chat background/foreground colors
Fix bad column resize in tables
Fix problem of font size in tables
Fix detection circle size on Caucasus


No data is treated if no radar at mission start even if popup after


Fix relief algorithm that consider all contacts at 30000 meters of altitude on mission with lot of contacts and/or running during a long time
Update internal librairies


Client needs a license, if you do not have one: get license

Without it, you can run it as demo version, limitations are:

  • 10 minutes until disconnection
  • Only one connection by LotAtc DCS session (to be able to reconnect, you must relaunch a mission on the DCS host)

Client LotAtc4DCS - 64 bits - 1.2.3 (EXE)

See Client Installation guide for help

Server : FREE

Server is free to use!

LotAtc server is compatible with Dedicated DCS server

Server LotAtc4DCS - 1.2.3 (EXE)

Server LotAtc4DCS - 1.2.3 (OvGME/JSGME)

  • You will need to install the following files for OvGME/JSGME Mod version (no need with the exe) and unzip it in your {Users}\LotAtc 4 DCS Data\ directory. (ex: C:\Users\DArt\LotAtc 4 DCS Data\relief.db)

  • FOLLOW INSTRUCTIONS IN README inside the package

See Server Installation guide for help