Stable : 2.0.9

Compatible with all DCS version - Support DCS Dedicated Server

Server is free!

Client needs a license, if you do not have one: get a license

Without it, you can run Client as demo version, limitations are:

  • 10 minutes until disconnection
  • Only one connection by LotAtc DCS session (to be able to reconnect, you must relaunch a mission on the DCS host)

You can install Client and/or Server using the LotAtc Installer:

If you have already install LotAtc 2.x, you can update directly from your computer:

  • In LotAtc Client, Go in Options > General > Check update
  • Launch LotAtc/Update LotAtc from startup menu
  • Launch LotAtc_updater.exe from LotAtc Client install dir (default: `C:\Program Files\LotAtc’)

LotAtc installer/updater (client/server/ovgme) - 64 bits - (EXE)

See complete changelog

See Client Installation guide for help with LotAtc Client

See Server Installation guide for help with LotAtc Server

LotAtc server is compatible with Dedicated DCS server