Starting with 2.0.0-rc1, a version number will follow the next rules:

graph LR Major-->Minor Minor-->Maintenance
  • Major version (the first number: 2.x.x) described a major update of LotAtc, a major version is NOT compatible between them and configuration or users files (drawing, transponder, lua) format could be broken and NOT compatible also.
  • Minor version (the second number x.0.x) describe the current version of the major: 2.1, 2.2…. On each minor version changes, compatibility could be broken for network communication and LotAtc Client and LotAtc Server (and Generator) must be at same minor version to work together.
  • Maintenance number (the last number) x.x.0 indicates the current patched version. All maintenance versions are compatible, a 2.1.2 LotAtc Client can connect to a 2.1.4 LotAtc Server. A maintenance version can be updated independently on Server or Client side.

In LotAtc Installer, you will see that there is a fourth number in the release, it is only an internal number to manage packages correctly, it has no importance for users.

With this new way, server maintainers and squadrons can easily choose which version they want to run (2.0, 2.1 or 3.2) and users can follow updates and be sure to stay compatible with their favorite servers even with different LotAtc version.

On my side, I will be able to publish patches or new features faster for a product (Client/Server…).

The new installer will be based on these new rules:

  • On package selection, you can choose which major.minor version you want (and several)
  • Each major.minor version can be installed in parallel
    • You can have 2.0 and 2.1 installed and choose which you want to use
    • With dedicated LotAtc Server, you can install different versions on same computer (one with 2.1, another on 2.2)
    • Each one can be updated/installed/remove independently

You will be able to use LotAtc Client 2.0 for Public server A but 2.1 for server B…