LotAtc works with a client that connects to a server. You will find the different options on this page.

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For Client

Feature LotAtc Client LotAtc Advanced
Make BRAA Yes Yes
Use airport view Yes Yes
Use approach Yes Yes
Use transponder Yes Yes
Use different theaters Yes Yes
Display charts Yes Yes
Show classification icons Yes Yes
Radios (SRS/UR) support Yes Yes
Connect to LotAtc Server Yes Yes
Connect to LotAtc Generator Yes Yes
Manage Drawing Yes Yes
Manage advanced Drawing - Yes
Server commands - Yes
TAF with DCS:M-2000C - Yes
User internet maps (openstreetmap,..) - Yes
Advanced map features - Yes
Use themes preset - Yes
Use layout preset - Yes
Instructor support - Yes

For Server

Feature LotAtc Generator LotAtc Server
Free - Yes
Need DCS World - Yes
Standalone software Yes No (need DCS:World)
Include LotAtc Configurator Yes Yes
Include LotAtc Editor Yes -
Instructor support Yes Yes(partial)
Datalink simulation Yes No (WIP)
Transponder support Yes(full) Yes