What is it ?

Classification is based an APP-6 for NATO classification see wikipedia article.

LotAtc only use a subset of this classification. It will be enhanced in the future.

How I use it ?

Depending of LotAtc Server/Generator settings, item can be auto-classified or not. In all cases, you can change it in selection’s properties or by right+click on any item.

Transponder format

As described in transponder part, you can associate a transponder code to a classification. Available fields are.

Correct format is:

"classification": {
    "classification": "friend",
    "dimension": "air",
    "sub_dimension": "fighter"

Fields are optional, you can only define classification field with no dimension.


Id Description
unknown Unknown
assumed_friend Assumed Friend
friend Friend
neutral Neutral
suspect Suspect
hostile Hostile


Possible values are:

Dimension id Subdimension id Description
unknown   Pending
  unknown Pending/Unknown
air   Air
  unknown Air/Unknown
  fighter Air/Fighter
  fighter_bomber Air/Fighter/Bomber
  bomber Air/Bomber
  tanker Air/Tanker
  sead Air/SEAD
  escort Air/Escort
  aew Air/AEW
  rotary_wing Air/Rotary-wing
  uav Air/UAV
  patrol Air/Patrol
  reco Air/Reconnaissance
  attack_strike Air/Attack/Strike
  csar Air/CSAR
  sar Air/SAR
  cargo Air/Cargo
land_unit   Land unit
  unknown Land unit/Unknown
  combat Land unit/Combat
  ew Land unit/EW
  special_force Land unit/Special forces
sea_surface   Sea surface
  unknown Sea surface/Unknown
  carrier Sea surface/Carrier
  cruiser Sea surface/Cruiser
  destroyer Sea surface/Destroyer
  frigate Sea surface/Frigate
  corvette Sea surface/Corvette
  civilian Sea surface/Civilian
  own_ship Sea surface/Own Ship
land_installation   Land installation
  unknown Land installation/Unknown
  air_defense_missile Land installation/Air defense missile launcher
  air_base Land installation/Air base
  radar Land installation/Radar
  ammunition Land installation/Ammunition
  naval_base Land installation/Naval base
sea_subsurface   Sea subsurface
  unknown Sea subsurface/Unknown
  submarine Sea subsurface/Submarine
activity_event   Activity/Event
  unknown Activity/Event/Unknown
air_civil   Civil Air
  unknown Civil Air/Unknown
sea_surface_civil   Civil Surface Air
  unknown Civil Surface Air/Unknown
land_civil   Civil Land
  unknown Civil Land/Unknown