How to open

Left click on a airport, open properties dock if necessary. To open a PAR, clic on the “Take Approach” button of the desired axis. it will open the PAR view.

You can take severals approach at same time.

You can see the list of controllers and if they have an approach openeed.


Left part

Action button
  • Release the approach : Exit the approach view
  • Save graph : export as png the current glide view, useful to send to the pilot
  • Show labels : Display or not labels on the graph
  • Show circles on the map : Show approach circles or not on the map around the airport
  • Steady level : Set the steady level for approach
  • Minima : Set the minima level for approach
  • LSLLC : Set LSLLC line angle

Below that, this is the list of all pilots around the airport. They are sorted by distance of airport.

Click on the eye icon to show/hide a plane.

Right part contains two graphs:

  • on top: the vertical view
  • on bottom: the top view

Right part

This part is composed by two view, vertical view on top, horizontal view on bottom.

Use MouseWheel and/or Shift+MouseWheel to make a zoom on one axis or on the other

Vertical view

This view shows the glide and planes/helicopters position on this glide.

Horizontal view

This view presents the horizontal deviation

Shortcuts on glide views

Shortcut Description
Mouse wheel Zoom on current view
Shift+Mouse wheel Vertical zoom on current view
Double left click Restore default view


Clic on action button on top left, then “Release Approach”.