LotAtc TAF feature needs an LotAtc Advanced license.

What is TAF ?

TAF is a French word “TéléAFfichage”. This unique feature is only available in DCS with M-2000C by Razbam. It is a kind of datalink to allow controllers to send some directive to Mirage pilots. LotAtc support it and bring a great feature for DCS:M-2000C.

How to activate it

You need:

You need DCS:World 2.7.9 or superior

You can upgrade your LotAtc Client to Advanced for €25.00 only, see LotAtc Advanced page.

You can send directive for :

  • An engagement Force1/2/3/4
  • An RTB on a airport
  • A direction/distance/interception to a tanker
  • A direction/distance to a beacon (you can use any units, beacons, airports, bulls)