This page describes the features of the current version of LotAtc, and a roadmap of what is coming next. Note that the roadmap could change…

Current version: 2.3

Features of current version


  • Integration “into” DCS World, as a free module
  • Low hardware ressources needs = low/none FPS impact for the DCS host
  • Manages several Detection Profiles
  • Manages authentication of controllers (LotAtc clients)
  • Filters implemented (used or not depending on Detection Profiles configuration):
    • Speed (removes aircraft units under minimal speed)
    • Radar (removes all units not in the coalition radar coverage). The radar coverage is the sum of individual radars areas (aka detection range).
    • Relief. This allow LotAtc to manage terrain masking.
  • The Radar filter is spherical (range in 3D) and follows DCS specifications.
  • Reduced latency networking between server/client
  • Built-in support of mission (re)loading without the need to restart DCS server
  • Datalink simulation
  • ESM simulation


  • Installation as a stand alone application (no need for DCS). Client needs a licence, buy it here
  • Client may be tested before purchase with the demo mode (10’ of play).
  • Application is localization-ready see Languages.
  • Manages all DCS Terrains
    • Afghanistan (last update: 27 Jun 2024)
    • Caucasus (last update: 26 May 2018)
    • Falklands (last update: 08 Jul 2022)
    • France (last update: 28 Jun 2023)
    • Kola (last update: 13 May 2024)
    • Marianaislands (last update: 15 Jun 2021)
    • Nevada (last update: 26 May 2018)
    • Normandy (last update: 26 May 2018)
    • Persiangulf (last update: 03 Apr 2020)
    • Sinaimap (last update: 28 Jun 2023)
    • Syria (last update: 23 Feb 2022)
    • Thechannel (last update: 10 Aug 2020)
    • World (last update: 17 Jun 2021)
  • Includes airports runways
  • Manage coalitions (IFF): self is white, enemy is red (you can choose colors)
  • Ability to change colors of coalitions
  • Automatic assignation of a unique track number (“TN#”) for enemy aircraft, allowing controllers to identify them when communicating
  • Ability to change the default name (or TN#) of aircraft; changes are automatically shared among controllers of your coalition
  • Controllers can set the symbol used for displaying aircraft (to precise their classification, e.g. friendly liner/ transport, friendly fighter, unknown, hostile… etc.). Symbols are shared among clients (controllers) of the same coalition. This feature is available depending on the Detection Profile (i.e. not in ARCADE).
  • Two different sets of symbols available.
  • Displays customisable Labels for aircraft
  • Able to display sea & ground units that meet the detection criteria (criteria depending on the detection profile).
  • Able to display detection/threat ranges (circles) (+option: mask them) for sea & ground units, and AWACS
  • Clients are able to display DCS mission data: time, weather (if static), Bullseye…
  • Clients are able to display the Detection Profiles enforced by the server.
  • Chat implemented: this feature allows controllers to text-chat between themselves, for a better coordination in complex scenarii
  • Controllers are able to manage their own Altitude & Speed filters (those will act in addition to the server-enforced filters).
  • Client can create persistent & hookable BRAAs; this means those BRAAs (Bearing Range Altitude Aspect measurement) will stay displayed until manually removed, and will “follow” the objets onto which they’re hooked.
  • Drawings: Controllers are able to create, modify and share drawings (lines, shapes, points, texts…) onto their displays; this allows them to share information with better accuracy (e.g. a point of interest), or to manage combat zones with different RoE…
  • Client are able to display the last known positions of an aircraft, as a “trail”; this help controllers to visualize aircraft trajectories.
  • Airport mode with ILS approachs, allowing controllers to fulfill the APP/DEP, TWR roles.
  • Airport view with taxiways
  • Transponders mode1,2,3,4,S support