Why is payment in Euro?

As a I am French, I prefer to use my currency as a reference. However, with Paypal, it will automatically convert the price in your currency using current exchange rate. That means that in other currency like US Dollars, LotAtc price may vary with exchange rate.

I have paid with Paypal, but I have not received my license key ?

As it is a manual operation for me to send the license key, it could take up to 24h. I am living in UTC+1 zone.

If 24h have passed, please contact me directly .

I would not use Paypal but I want to buy a license

Paypal is a very secure way to make a transaction, for you and for me.

Anyway, if you do not want to use it, [please contact me directly]](mailto:dart@lotatc.com?subject=[LotAtc]%20LotAtc%20Payment%20without%20Paypal) so we can work out an arrangement.

I have lost my license, how can I recover it ?

If you lost your license, send me an email including your paypal email used for payment, I will recover it and resent to you.