Using dcs.exe –server ( no -w option )

In this mode, LotAtc server can be installed and use as no dedicated mode, see server install and server manual.

Using dcs.exe –server -w (multi-instance mode)

By using the -w MYSAVEDDIR option, you will use another Saved Games/DCS directory (here Saved Games/MYSAVEDDIR) and you have to be sure that LotAtc is correctly installed and configured.


Using OVGME or equivalent

Get the OvGME package from download page and install it with MYSAVEDDIR as root.


Get the OvGME package from download page and extract the directories in MYSAVEDDIR:

  • LotAtc_Server_1.2.3_Package/LotAtc_Server_1.2.3/Mods
  • LotAtc_Server_1.2.3_Package/LotAtc_Server_1.2.3/Scripts


You must have the following structure in MYSAVEDDIR now:

  • MYSAVEDDIR/Mods/tech/LotAtc
  • MYSAVEDDIR/Scripts/Hooks/lotatcGameGUI.lua


2.x version

Only for LotAtc 2.x, for 1.x, check next part

You can create a file named MYSAVEDDIR/Mods/tech/LotAtc/config.custom.lua with inside:

lotatc_inst.options =  {
  dedicated_mode = true,
  dedicated_profile = "realistic.lua",

More info on config.custom.lua here

If you are using server side licenses, you must put them in MYSAVEDDIR/LotAtc Data/Licenses

That’s all!

1.x version

In this configuration (with -w MYSAVEDDIR), you cannot change LotAtc options from the DCS GUI, you must either copy it from Saved Games/DCS or manually edit.

To change LotAtc options seen in DCS > Options > Special tab:

You must either:

  • copy the Saved Games/DCS(.openbeta)/Config/options.lua to your MYSAVEDDIR/Config/options.lua
  • edit MYSAVEDDIR/Config/options.lua and modify/add the following lines
      ["plugins"] = {
          ["LotAtc"] = {
              ["enable"] = true,
              ["profilefile"] = "realistic.lua",

    Modify the values as desired.

To check your install…

In all cases, check the dcs.log to get more information and check it with server install checklist.