This page explains how to run LotAtc with DCS server. If you are running DCS from GUI, you have no need to read this.

LotAtc Server will run in parallel with multiple DCS instance but you have to set a different port for each instance (as you have to do with DCS). Same thing for SRS transponder if you use it.

By using the -w DCS-SUBDIR option, you will use another Saved Games/DCS directory (here Saved Games/DCS-SUBDIR) and you have to be sure that LotAtc is correctly installed and configured.

DCS-SUBDIR is DCS.openbeta-server for example.


LotAtc Installer will install LotAtc Server, then use LotAtc Configurator to install LotAtc Server on your DCS instances.


If you prefer make the install manually, LotAtc Installer can provide you an OvGME packages.

You have to run LotAtc Installer on the computer that will runs DCS, there is some path configuration to be done for correct relief management

Get the OvGME package from LotAtc Install directory (by default C:\Program Files\LotAtc\ovgme) and extract the directories in DCS-SUBDIR:


You must have the following structure in DCS-SUBDIR now:

  • DCS-SUBDIR/Mods/services/LotAtc
  • DCS-SUBDIR/Scripts/Hooks/lotatcGameGUI.lua


You can use the free tool LotAtc Configurator to edit/customize profile, easier and simpler than manual way!!!

You can rename the file named DCS-SUBDIR\Mods\services\LotAtc\config.custom.example.lua to DCS-SUBDIR\Mods\services\LotAtc\config.custom.lua with inside:

lotatc_inst.options =  {
  dedicated_mode = true,
  dedicated_profile = "realistic.lua",

More info on config.custom.lua here

If you are using server side licenses, you must put them in DCS-SUBDIR/LotAtc Data/Licenses

That’s all!

Common configuration/profile

You can use common configuration and profiles for different instances by add them in your

  • config.custom.lua in %user%/LotAtc Data/Server/
  • profiles in %user%/LotAtc Data/Server/profiles

These common files are loaded at start of LotAtc Server, then files in each instances will be loaded. Remove config.custom.lua on each instances to load common config.

To check your install…

In all cases, check the dcs.log to get more information and check it with server install checklist.