Shortcut Description
Alt+F Enter/Exit fullscreen
Alt+L Show/hide labels backgrounds
Alt+C Show/hide detection/threat circles
Alt+N Change unit system metric/imperial
Alt+D Show/hide range rings
Alt+R Change measure reference for start point
Alt+S on/off snapping
Alt+E Draw edit
F2 Set current selection classification as hostile
F3 Set current selection classification as unknown
F4 Set current selection classification as friend

Tactical View

Shortcut Description
Left click Move the map
Ctrl+Left click Center the map on the cursor
Alt+Left click Make a draw text item on the cursor (go in draw tab to modify it)
Right click Measure line
Ctrl+Right click BRAA line
Mouse wheel Zoom/unzoom the map

Only with LotAtc Advanced

Shortcut Description
Shift+Wheel Rotate map
Ctrl+Wheel Tilt map

On symbols or label

Shortcut Description
Shift+left click Move Label clockwise
Shift+Ctrl+left click Move Label clockwise

On BRAA line

Shortcut Description
Shift+right click Delete BRAA

On drawing

Shortcut Description
Left click Edit draw in the tab
Shift+left click Move draw

On coordinates window on bottom-left

Shortcut Description
Left click Show/Hide details on cursor position

Main bar at the top

Element Shortcut Description
Unit Left click Switch unit between metric and imperial
Hour Left click Show/Hide seconds
Troller name Left click Open troller menu (show all trollers)
Profile Left click Show details on server config for current session

On color buttons

Shortcut Description
Shift+left click Reset color to default
Mouse wheel Set lighter/darker color