A long post, but LOT of informations inside!!!

RBorn Software

LotAtc is my project since 2006 with Lockon FC 1.2 at this time :)

Since december of 2018, I work for myself on LotAtc essentially and I am happy to earn my living now with this project. It is very exciting and I would like to thanks again the great LotAtc community that supports me and allows me to continue that everyday since years!

LotAtc is also used now in professional way for simulation companies and some armies in all the World ! LotAtc is a excellent tool to learn GCI. Contact me for more information .

Beside, I also help some companies in their software projects by sharing my experience on LotAtc (C++/Qt/QML development) : pure development, project managment, project deployment, project strategy…

To manage all that new activities, I have recently create my own company RBorn Software that is now in charge of LotAtc development and consulting. You will see that name in copyright and some other places but do not be afraid, I am always here and the only employee…


LotAtc Advanced

That was announced a long (too long?) time ago, and I can now talk about!

LotAtc Advanced is an upgrade of LotAtc Client that have all LotAtc Client’s features but add more, here is a first list with the current status.

Theme support

Create/load/save/share/apply them directly from LotAtc and you can change even during a session.


Admin commands

Allow you to pause/stop server directly from LotAtc. That is already working!

In near future, I plan to:

  • Select the mission to launch
  • Upload your mission directly from your computer.
  • (idea) Link with Slmod

Of course, you will need to be authorized on server side to administrate the server remotly



That is certainly the most important feature of LotAtc Advanced, the instructor view. It will allow you to:

  • Control all contacts when connected to LotAtc Generator and with DCS in future ( it is currently early WIP with DCS, see below for more information)
    • altitude/position/speed
    • speed/altitude variation speed
    • transponder
    • radar on/off
    • (future) datalink …
  • Create/delete dynamically any unit when connected to LotAtc Generator and with DCS in future
  • See all contacts EVEN if they are not seen by radar, you can ALSO control them with LotAtc Generator AND DCS in future

Of course, you will need to be authorized to control units or see everything, more details here .

Existing LotAtc Client users can migrate for the price delta to LotAtc Advanced at anytime.


LotAtc Generator

LotAtc Generator is a LotAtc Server application fully standalone, no need of DCS.

Edit a scenario with LotAtc Editor (shipped with LotAtc Generator) or manually (JSON format), then load it in LotAtc Generator and you can connect with any LotAtc Client/LotAtc Advanced (with standard LotAtc Client license). With Advanced version, you can interact with any item.

LotAtc Generator can be set with all options that are in LotAtc Server for DCS. Time can be accelerated or paused.

For squadrons and schools, it is the tool to learn GCI easily with simple scenario you can fully interact with or advanced scenario to develop student’s skills.

LotAtc Generator can plan waypoint, pattern. In near future, trigger and weapons will be implemented. It is currently in heavy development.


DCS + LotAtc interaction

As seen in my first teaser video, LotAtc Server can now interact with DCS Mission Scripting environement. The setup is easy and can be integrated in all mission with a single line…

The link between LotAtc Server and DCS has been done, now I need some mission script expert to help me. I have lot of work on LotAtc and all this new tools and I am not a DCS Mission Scripting expert. Instead of doing something not good, I would like to make this proposal:

I provide an API in DCS Mission Scripting to do:

  • unit properties changes: altitude, speed, heading, position, name….
  • creation/destruction of unit
  • read/write for mission flags
  • add/modify drawing
  • more ideas:
    • user interface (show a button in LotAtc Client that trigger a callback on your side )

This API will be opened and accessible to everyone (no license needed), so you could implement that in MOOSE, MIST, pure DCS scripts or any other mission LUA scripting… I am also open to suggestions for add/change API… I am sure that it could brings lot of wonderful things to DCS…

If you are interested, just join the #mission-lua-scripting channel on Discord.

See documentation.

When I can play with that ?


Just launch LotAtc Updater (or download it). All products are available and licenses can be purchased on this page.

Product License Status Demo Comment
LotAtc Advanced LotAtc Advanced BETA Not yet Instructor is fully supported with Generator, only in demo for DCS, in development
LotAtc Generator LotAtc Generator BETA Not yet  
LotAtc Editor LotAtc Generator ALPHA Not yet early version, far to be completed but in heavy development
LotAtc Mission Scripting - ALPHA - integrated with LotAtc Server 2.1, check in Mods/services/lua utils/ directory…

LotAtc 2.1.x is installed and can be used in parallel with 2.0.x as explained in ( versioning rules )


All the documentation and the website has been updated to the new products !


These new products aim for advanced users and squadrons/school that want to provide curses on GCI/ATC or server administrators.

Of course, LotAtc Client will continue to evolve, for example, I can spoil that a new map engine is in progress with better performances, smooth zoom and awesome features… It will be available in some months with drawing rework, datalink support….


You can contact me: