2.1.4 is released and contains update for all softwares. All is compatible with all 2.1.x previous versions.

For server owners that are running 2.0.x versions, please update to 2.1.x, I do not more provide 2.0 clients, it is deprecated.

Here is a video showing how to switch to this new branch (incompatible with 2.0.x):

I post on the LotAtc Discord a raw roadmap for LotAtc, please check there if you want more information about that, great things are coming.

2.1.x will continue to be supported in next months, there will be a 2.2.x before end of the year with the new map engine and lot of great things inside (drawing, classifications, and some surprises…).

Next weeks will also bring better DCS Instructor commands support (only heading is working currently and it is a proof of concept). It will be deliver in 2.1.x future updates.

Thanks for your support


Click to see the changelog for LotAtc 2.1.4...

For 2.0.x users, please update your servers to 2.1.x, no more support on this 2.0.x branch

LotAtc Generator

Add Server side license support

LotAtc Server

Add ground radar mode settings (can disabled ground radar now)

LotAtc Client/Advanced

Add A-10CII icon

Fix crash when object disappears of radar and has properties displayed
Fix interception point not displayed at right place

LotAtc Advanced

Add themes from community

Fix theme load trouble

LotAtc Editor

Add start/stop time support (raw editor)
Add bullseye support (click on item, change coordinate in properties)

Fix DB editor with category not correctly saved/reloaded

LotAtc Configurator

Add old LotAtc install detection (alert if Old LotAtc is installed in tech folder)
Add Refresh button on start screen, reload all status, avoid to restart the software each time
Add ground radar mode settings (can disabled ground radar now)

For all products (except LotAtc Server)

Better save/restore window position

If you have already install LotAtc 2.x, you can update directly from your computer:

  • In LotAtc Client, Go in Options > General > Check update
  • Launch LotAtc/Update LotAtc from startup menu
  • Launch LotAtc_updater.exe from LotAtc Client install dir (default: `C:\Program Files\LotAtc’)

Download LotAtc Installer - 64 bits - (EXE)


You can contact me:

We are taking a break until the end of July, but our license generation and support services will continue uninterrupted. Please note that any delays we experience during this time may be extended. Thank you for your understanding.