Will not work on DCS <2.5.0 (so not on 1.5.3 or 2.2.0), use 1.0.3 version for these version.

Update documentation:

Use updated doc on automatic loading of drawing on server side and automatic loading of name for transponder code. I also begin a documentation on approach part and draw part in LotAtc client.


Click to see the changelog for LotAtc 1.0.4...
  • Add alert mode on labels when transponder has special code (like EMER)
  • Add Charts file available directly in airport properties! thanks to Snoopy from 76thvFS for its work!
  • Update relief layer for new Caucasus
  • Fix for network latency with TS or Skype when using Wifi USB adaptater
  • Increase connection dialog size
  • Airport approach circles less visible
  • Fix weird frequencies on some airports
  • Fix ILS frequencies on Caucasus/Nevada
  • Fix for DCS 2.5.0
  • Fix for void missions bug
  • Update relief DB for new Caucasus
  • Add automatic loading of drawing on server side
  • Add automatic loading of name for transponder code
  • Remove open Alpha installer part
Known bugs
  • IA with transponders are not correclty displayed on client when spawning after start of mission, need disconnect/reconnect client
  • Reported after release: Transponder files does not work with human pilots


Server LotAtc4DCS - 1.0.4 (EXE)

Server LotAtc4DCS - 1.0.4 (OvGME/JSGME)

  • You will need to install the following files for OvGME/JSGME Mod version (no need with the exe) and unzip it in your {Users}\LotAtc 4 DCS Data\ directory. (ex: C:\Users\DArt\LotAtc 4 DCS Data\relief.db)

  • FOLLOW INSTRUCTIONS IN README inside the package


Client LotAtc4DCS - 64 bits - 1.0.4 (EXE)


Here some parts on next releases!

  • Interception angle

At mid-term:

  • Airport view
  • Datalink


You can contact me: