I have lot of requests for licensing server solution for squads. I work hard on it and this is what I have implemented for the 1.1.0:

See server side licensing documentation to know how to do.

When an unregistered client connects on the server, he will use one of the available licenses and will benefit of all client features. Once disconnected, the server license become available for next client.

When all licenses are used in a DCS session, next unregistered client will be in “demo mode” as before. Of course, clients with licence will not be affected by that and will connect on server as usual (you can mix unregistered and licensed clients).

It will allow squads to have floating license for the team without needs to distribute and manage them.

As I understand that squads have already license and will not re-pay new ones, I made it very simple, license files are the same, so you can transform them as floating licenses just by removed them from client side and put them on server side. Server licenses will be at same price than standard ones because they are the same! Of course, a license cannot be used on client and server at same time.

Connection with server license Put your licenses on server Unregistered client
Server side license management

This feature will be available in the 1.1.0 release, I hope before end of June, I will make more post on that in next weeks. (for curious, there is some screens already on the LotAtc discord channel)


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