Today, I have released 2.2.3-beta4, a public beta release that enabled support for TAF (TéléAFfichage) for the DCS:M-2000C by RAZBAM. It is a French technology that is an ancestor of a datalink.

With the great support of RAZBAM, LotAtc can interact directly with any DCS:M-2000C in the mission. LotAtc controllers (using LotAtc Advanced ) can send information to the pilot, helping him to engage with no radio communication for example. You can also send them navigation information to the tanker or the airport for RTB, see the TAF feature page for more information.

It is working in solo and multiplayer.

You need DCS:World 2.7.9 or superior

As a server owner, you can enable (by default) or disable the feature with LotAtc Configurator.

To access to the beta, join the LotAtc Discord, in the #beta-release-news (link below this post), it is free and open to everyone.

2.2.3 should be considered as stable during January (except last minute issues)

For the use in-cockpit, check DCS:M-2000C manual and video on the subject.

Here is a video on the LotAtc use:

Thanks RAZBAM for this opportunity that increasing the realism of our favorite simulation with LotAtc, I hope that we can do better in the future like a complete datalink interaction with LotAtc and DCS:World!

Merry Christmas to all and stay safe!


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