2.2.3 has been released today, a lot of great things in this new version. It is full compatible with 2.2.2 version (in both ways server/client).

Main features are :

Here is a video presenting all main features :

Thanks to all for using beta and sending me feedbacks!


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client+editor: Add Alt+O shortcut to reset map rotation enhancement(client+editor): Can set map rotation value directly on map panel
client+editor: Add floating area
client+editor: Add load/save dock layouts
client+editor: Add option to avoid windows save position (useful if not working correctly)
client+editor: Add option to save all current drawing visible layers. Can load multiple layers file now.
client+editor: Can load multiple draw layers file now.
client+editor: Can save labels for each classification/dimension now!
client+editor: Use mousewheel/click on the time in waypoint list properties to switch between relative/absolute time
client+server: Add TAF feature for M-2000C pilots
client: Add %(human|output) flag, if unit is a human, it will display output. Output can be html.
client: Add filter by name for radar list
client: Add filter to hide no human units
client: Add mission panel (separate info from weather panel)
advanced: Rework the Instructor view, add a view button to select the item on the map
editor+advanced: can move bulls using Instructor commands (Alt+left mouse)
editor: Add airport editor
editor: Add climbspeed and turn rate edition
editor: Add mission editor panel
editor: Add save as button
editor: Allow new view in Editor
generator: Manage airports now
configurator: Add LotAtc Link status
server+client+generator: User with server admin rights can kick LotAtc Users now
server: Add WWII base profile
server: Add option to switch on/off TAF management on server side
server: Add show_humans option for profile. Value can be:

  • 0:”Show status for all coalitions”,
  • 1:”Only show status for controller’s coalition”,
  • 2:”Hide status for all

By default arcade profile use 0, basic 1, and realistic and adv-realistic 2, you can of course change the value as you want in your profile.

server: Both transponder and drawing files get a new json field “mission” that contains the name (or regex) of mission name. In this case, the file is only loaded if the name of the mission is matching with the mission field in the file
server: Load automatically DCS drawings (partial support)


client: Better layout for BRAA panel
client: Better layout for Chat and Map panel
client: Better layout for Properties
editor: Add filter mechanism when choosing new item in create object
editor: Hide altitude/climbspeed/turnrate for no-flying units
mission test: Update the instant mission with user flag example

Bug Fixes

all: Fix troubles with size/resizing of some dialogs
all: Log file does not support no-ascii characters in path
all: Enhance restore window in multi-screen
advanced+editor: Create object is by default in center of the current view. Fix default altitude also
advanced: Clean instructor window when disconnect
advanced: Bad default value for flight plan display
client+editor: Better management between m/ft and km/Nm on unit switch
client+editor: Cannot open multiple window with new docking system
client+editor: Fix opacity slider not adapt its position with screen borders
client+editor: Map glitch on min and max zoom if no smooth option Fixes
client+editor: Snap Bullseye coordinate on measure line
client+editor: Snapping error after draw deletion
client: Deleting a shared layer makes all others LotAtc client crashing
client: Fix offset with bulls bearing on measure line on Caucasus with DCS
client: Fix troubles with altishort.
client: Fix weather layout not consistent
editor: Adjust acceleration by default
editor: Fix bad display for invalid route
editor: Fix bad display for range angle for radar values
editor: Fix help link
editor: Fix start time badly saved
editor: Add default width for hippodrome pattern
configurator: Show not enabled in some cases instead of enable
generator: Fix crash in Generator on disconnection
generator: Time acceleration is not working
generator: Fix hippodrome radius badly loaded
server+client: Avoid send TAF when no clients or no TAF used, M-2000C will automatically switch to AI if LotAtc TAF not used
server+client: Disable 7400 special transponder code as it is not a standard one
server+generator: Fix Tacview tracker not saved the file in the right directory + file not filled correctly
server+generator: Fix valid transponder avoid cleaning of group/name/type in some configuration
server: Airport radar have a too restrictive elevation limit that makes some airport’s radar blind on parking
server: Do not block chat messages coming from server (like from scripting)
server: Error in lua causes LotAtc loading stuck
server: Fix bad path in commentary for mission server lua
server: Fix troubles with wind extraction
server: LotAtc lua can be blocked when loading some mission with generated weather
server: Remove lotatclink_init call in test mission
server: Invalid value for QNH and temperature in weather report

Known issues

  • Sometimes panels in dock areas are not shown, try to minimize other, docks they will be shown (it is a resize trouble). It is a new system, some adjustments are needed and will be done in the next weeks

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