Hi all, As you know, LotAtc project has 2 sides:

The first one is the public part, I started with this one and I am very happy to provide LotAtc to the community. It is a paid software because I need to finance servers, development tools and time I spend on it in the last 13 years now. I try to maintain a low price and lifetime license to make it accessible to everybody… That is certainly part of LotAtc’s success.

The second side is the professional part. I have talked about French Navy but there are also other professionals that use LotAtc and I am very proud of that. Prices are not the same as for the public version, support is more important, and I provide customization, specific deployment and extra features for them.

I work fulltime on this project since 2018 and public licenses are not enough to fund the project, that is why the professional part is important to me and to the future of LotAtc.

I have introduced LotAtc Generator recently. It is a product I designed for professionals and I was able to make a public version for the community (a small part because it is a very specific product) but I think the tool is useful for them. Recently, some professional entities have knowingly purchased public licenses for professional use, which is both forbidden by the license (EULA; which clearly states this on the purchased licenses), and unfair. This forced me to add restrictions on the public version of Generator to avoid this.


I do not like to do that but I have no choice :

Starting with 2.2.2, only 3 users will be able to connect simultaneously to public Generator and only the first Advanced user will have instructor rights (other Advanced users can connect and use all features but will not be able to interact with units).

For standard use, one instructor and 2 students, it is still a perfect tool to learn GCI. 2.2.2 provides a big update in LotAtc Editor (included with LotAtc Generator) that allows better scenario creation.

This has absolutely no impact on LotAtc Server+DCS, only with LotAtc Generator.

Thanks to all the LotAtc community that support the project, this is the very large majority.


You can contact me:

We are taking a break until the end of July, but our license generation and support services will continue uninterrupted. Please note that any delays we experience during this time may be extended. Thank you for your understanding.