LotAtc 2.3.10 has been released today. This is a maintenance version that includes important bug fixes.

I have made some enhancements for certain editors:

  • Improved focus
  • Pressing ‘Enter’ now validates multi-line text
  • Use ‘Ctrl+Enter’ to create a new line

Additionally, I introduced an option (set by default) that modifies all magnetic headings (BRAA, measure lines) to apply magnetic deviation at the end of the line instead of the start (as DCS does).

I also resolved a server-side crash.

If you encounter crashes on the server side, please send me the ‘Logs/dcs_xxx.zip’ files. These logs are essential for identifying the cause of the issue!

Version 2.3.10 is compatible with all other 2.3.x versions for both server and client usage.


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Bug Fixes

all: Some operations is not done (as delete layer for all)
configurator: Fix potential crash when closing the app
generator: Tracking issue when moving unit with real tracking active
server+client: Fix atis set through LotAtcLink not working
server: Fix bad behavior when automatic mode is none (ships/ground radars are still seen)
server: Fix private chat not correctly routed on red pilot -> LotAtc
server: Fix some potential crash
server: Fix trouble with human unit names not follow correctly the settings


client+editor: Add lock button to enable/disable object panel edition
client+editor: text editor receive focus + enter validate multiline fields (as comment)
client: Add BRC and FB to carrier properties
client: Add button to select the license file and auto-install it


client: Add current radar next to the radar selection button in mono radar
client: Add option in map to compute declination on the destination (braa, bullls, measure line) instead of origin as do DCS to ensure value coherence (set on by default)
editor: Add option to define color item with coalition or random color

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