LotAtc 2.3.9 has been released today. It contains important bug fixes and is a maintenance version.

It also adds transponder Mode 2 DCS support from SRS for the M-2000C and F-15E, courtesy of Razbam’s support. (Note: It is not yet functional; Ciribob is currently investigating on the SRS side.)

Version 2.3.9 is compatible with all other 2.3.x versions for both server and client use.


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Bug Fixes

all: Fix crash dir created in home directory
all: Fix some memory management
client: Fix carrier runway not aligned
server: Avoid decimals in ATIS for qnh and temperature
server: Fix qnh inhg not correct in ATIS TTS


server: Add mode 2 DCS support from SRS (only support M-2000C and F-15E thanks for Razbam support) (it is not yet working, under investigation on SRS side, thx Ciribob !)

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