LotAtc 2.3.8 has been released today. It contains some new things like:

  • ATIS update: select runway, add custom text, QFE/QNH + units
  • Update radar simulation engine, faster, use pitch/roll of radar, radial speed/doppler effect
  • Better auto-classification engine for DCS

It also contains lot of bugfixes and fix of some memory leaks.

2.3.8 is compatible with all 2.3.x versions for both server/client


Click to see the changelog for LotAtc 2.3.8...

Bug Fixes

advanced: Flight plan cannot be set visible
all: Fix memory leak in core LotAtc
client: Cannot sort by classification/transponder… in objects panel
client: Fix BRAA heading not correct on Caucasus
client: Fix label character limitation conflicts
client: Fix lock map not working
link: Lua errors while retrieving airports data at start. Reduce airport time.
server: Settings conflicts with human status/force player name/callsign option that cause human name to be displayed when human status is off
server: Some radars were too performant (adapt DCS values, as the Hawk SR)


advanced: Radar display show the distance to a detection of RCS of 2
all: Add close button to floating panel
client: All panels are visible on start, avoid bad behaviors on connection/disconnection with them
client: Increase view limits of the PAR (reminder: you can zoom on the PAR with mouse wheel and shift+mouse wheel!)


all: Add runway selection for ATIS
atis: Add Comment field for ATIS
atis: Add qfe + qnh with different unit (add unit for temp also)
client: Add %(posit_bulls|bearing) and %(posit_bulls|distance) to have bulls bearing + bulls distance
client: Add %(transponder|emergency) option that display IDENT, RDO, HJACK…only (void if no emergency)
link: Add runway parameter to link API
server+generator: Pitch, roll of the plane is now used to radar computation
server: Add better doppler effect (radar mode to cone only), if radial speed of the unit if low to the radar, it will disappears
server: Large update on the auto-classification component for DCS

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