LotAtc 2.3.11 has been released today. This is a maintenance version that includes important bug fixes.

It should entirely resolve the random crashes with the server part.

If you encounter crashes on the server side, please send me the ‘Logs/dcs_xxx.zip’ files. These logs are essential for identifying the cause of the issue!

Version 2.3.11 is compatible with all other 2.3.x versions for both server and client usage.


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Bug Fixes

all: Fix missing translations
client: Fix FB/BRC inverted
server: Change the classification of multi-role to fighter instead of fighter/bomber
server: Crash in some circonstances
server: Fix bad behavior when automatic mode is none (ships/ground radars are still seen)
server: Fix bad round operation on wind direction through LotAtc Link for airports
server: Fix leak
server: Fix potential crash
server: Fix private chat not correctly routed on red pilot -> LotAtc
server: Fix the folder order to load ATIS file


advanced: Add coalition selection when adding a new object (with generator)
installer: Update installer
server: Add distinction of bomber and fighter/bomber using the max speed

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