I publish today the 2.3.4 release. It contains lot of bugfixes (especially for server stability), some security fixes for LotAtc Server/Generator and enhancement on RWR viewer (can display/filter by coalition).

LotAtc 2.2.x is now retired from repository as it is no more compatible with last DCS World version.

Sinai map is also released (terrain + visuals), basic airports is working, I will add detailled airports with taxiway soon (WIP). You can install it on your current installation using LotAtc updater -> add/remove packages here. Do not forget to install also relief/terrain data on server side!

2.3.4 is compatible with all 2.3.x versions for both server/client


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Bug Fixes

advanced: Fix datalink switch not working on Instructor view
advanced: Radar status + unit status changes not working in create object
client+editor: Fix neutral symbol for air/subsurface not correct
client+editor: Fix troubles with draw selection when you have lot of drawing/layers
client+editor: Fix waypoints list not displayed
client+editor: Label still shown on map drag animation
client: Fix some options show/hide in contextual menu
client: Label not load/save with load/save all settings options
client: Some icons not correctly visible (as filter tab in page objects)
editor: Cannot change altitude wit alt+mouse wheel
editor: Double-click on the objects list does not work correctly
editor: Fix potential crash
editor: Fix transponder input in object editor
server+generator: Fix security issues (DDOS), more robust to unwanted connection
server+generator: Radar basic shere model does not detect ground units
server: Fix potential crash with LotAtcLink
server: Fix weather last report time not correct


advanced: Add RWR line option in RWR panel options also
advanced: Use no-inverted color for RWR by default


advanced+server: Add option to display RWR lines with coalition color
advanced: Add coalition filters for RWR (show all except friendlies by default)
client: Add show/hide neutral plane in page objects
editor: Add Bulls+distant circles button in object editor to Editor

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