I publish today the 2.3.3 release. It contains lot of bugfixes and optimization (LotAtc Client/Advanced/Editor/Configurator/Generator). I also fix lot of crashes/glitches with maps display.

2.3.3 is compatible with all 2.3.x versions for both server/client


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Bug Fixes

advanced: Fix OSM submap list does not show text
advanced: Fix mouse interaction with heading/speed/altitude selector
advanced: Too much update sent on servers when opening Instructor view + fix radar active settings in Instructor
all: Fix application colors when not focused
all: Fix some trouble with LotAtc path management in some cases.
client+editor: Fix bad tile display sometimes
client+editor: Fix external window does not follow current style/theme
client+editor: Fix waypoints list not displayed
client+editor: Load/save parameters does not work
client+editor: Measure line in toggle mode conflict with context menu
client: Permanent BRAA not displayed after reconnection
client: Some icons not correctly visible (as filter tab in page objects)
editor+client: Hide label on pan option not working
editor: Cannot change unit altitude
editor: Double-clic on the objects list does not work correctly
editor: Fix potential crash
editor: Fix transponder input in object editor
editor: Is awacs option not working in database editor
generator+editor: Confusion between type and name that make impossible to create object dynamically
generator+server: Fix airports in radar list in monoradar settings
generator+server: No radar in the list in monoradar settings
generator: Fix climb speed trouble that make bad altitude management when using instructor
generator: Restore turn rate direction management
server+generator: Issues when merging datalink network
server+generator: Radar basic shere model does not detect ground units
server: Fix DCS changes in airport frequencies format


all: Toggle button more visible when checked
editor: Restore theme settings
server: Transponder Mode3 is now optional in AI unit name


advanced: add a green/blue theme
client+editor: Add zoom sensibility options in settings ^> map ^> zoom
client: Add position block ^%(position), you can force format with ^%(position^|xxx) with xxx=mgrs,…. (see doc)
client: Add settings to change radial interval 15-60deg
client: Add show/hide neutral plane in page objects
editor: Add Bulls+distant circles button in object editor to Editor
server: DCS management for RWR/DL for ground/ship units

Known issues

IMPORTANT: For technical reason, ESRI maps has been removed in LotAtc Advanced (service is no more available). I work on an (better) alternative in the next months (stay tuned)

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