I publish today the 2.3.2 release. It contains lot of bugfixes and the new UI customization engine for all applications (LotAtc Client/Advanced/Editor/Configurator/Generator).

2.3.2 is compatible with all 2.3.x versions for both server/client

New UI


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Bug Fixes

advanced: Fix OSM submap list does not show text
advanced: RWR lines does not disappears and stay in memories
client+editor: Can zoom outside zoom map limits causing lot of display troubles
client+editor: Carrier outlines stay black
client+editor: Fix app freeze when using properties window in external window
client+editor: Fix smooth zoom settings not working
client+editor: Objects panel sorting not working correctly
client: ENI bulls is visibleā€¦
client: Labels are shown on top right when appearing
client: local letter settings badly registered
client: removing also N/S/W/E radials for range rings with disable radials option
configurator: Bad layout management hiding LotAtc version selection on first installā€¦
editor: Fix potential crash
generator: Coalition password cannot be changed
server+generator: Not friendly carriers are shown as airport
server+generator: Radar basic sphere model does not detect ground units


advanced: Add a settings to limit displayed contacts on the RWR (most important -> less important)
advanced: Use invert colors on RWR viewer by default + use power simulation
installer: Better installer


all: Can set font family + size of application
all: Rework theming option, update theme, add different look
all: Set fusion as default theme, it takes less space on screen (can be change in settings ^> general)
server+generator: Add option in ground radar to detect only moving or emitting units, set by default for realistic + advanced realistic profile
server+generator: Ship and ground units are classified with correct dimension (ship/land) and unknown classification instead pending

Known issues

IMPORTANT: For technical reason, ESRI maps has been removed in LotAtc Advanced (service is no more available). I work on an (better) alternative in the next months (stay tuned)

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We are taking a break until the end of July, but our license generation and support services will continue uninterrupted. Please note that any delays we experience during this time may be extended. Thank you for your understanding.