I publish today the 2.3.1 release. It contains essentially bugfixes and some improvments based on your feedback.

2.3.1 is compatible with all 2.3.x versions for both server/client


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Bug Fixes

advanced: Move reset classification menu into context menu
advanced: Some rework in instructor view
client+editor: Cannot save theme/dock layout
client: Cannot see/edit helicopter callsign
client: Range rings displayed when no connected
client: Threat+detection circle opacity cannot be changed
client: When not using footer bar, primary spot radar and magnet button are not show in top bar
client: Some icons not correctly visible (as filter tab in objects panel)
configurator: Cannot uninstall or remove file
editor: Cannot change coordinates of bullseye from edit object panel
editor: Double-click on the objects list does not work correctly
editor: Fix transponder input in object editor
generator: Keep same TN for units than in Editor
link+server: Airport weather not correctly updated + error with link transfer for airports
server+client: Chat list cleared when create a private chat
server+generator: Drawing not visible by default on load (you can set visible=true/false in json file to force)
server+generator: Radar basic sphere model does not detect ground units
server: LotAtc see some statics building, skip them
server: Remove debug state for LotAtc Link (too much verbose)
server: Skip infantry in lua
server: Restore carrier as airport


advanced: Add reset classification to pending in context menu
client: Add a copy button for METAR in airport properties
client: Add better classification option to right click context menu.
client: Add options in Settings > Maps to enable/disable radials on the range rings
client: Add separate settings for airport detection circle in options.
editor+client: Manage bullseye name
link+server+client: When using LotAtc Link, you get wind at 2000m and 8000m altitude of the airports too
server+client+generator: Add fine controls settings (disabled for DCS), enable or not climb/turn/speed


client: Add show/hide neutral plane in page objects
editor: Add Bulls+distant circles button in object editor to Editor

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