I publish today the 2.3.0 release. The 2.3.x is a large rework of the code and new important features:

Here are the main features of the 2.3.0 :

  • Datalink simulation
  • Start of ESM (RWR feature)
  • DCS Marks and IP support
  • Vulkan support
  • New generator engine
  • Better network protocol (to ensure compatibility in future version)
  • And lot more….

You can see the replay of my Twitch stream presenting the new features in the first beta:

LotAtc 2.2.x will no more received updates, I will still provide it in the next months to let users migrate to the new 2.3.x branch, users are encouraged to switch to LotAtc 2.3.x. See how to install section below.

Papi’s charts are also been updated. Thanks Papi !

If you need Papi’s charts to use them in cockpit, see there.

Next ?

The next steps are:

  • Maintenance of 2.3.0 of course :)
  • Updating documentation for 2.3.0, I am working on a complete rewrite of the documentation, I hope to provide a first version in the next weeks
  • Datalink/ESM features/enhancement (both the view and the core)
  • ATC rework (the big step of this year)
  • LotAtc Server scheduler reworking (core part but very important), this will allow better performances on servers with massive spawn/despawn units during the mission, PAR view with better refresh update
  • Others subjects that will come later…

How to install

You can install 2.3.x branch by launching the LotAtc updater then Add/remove components to add 2.3.x in parallel than 2.2.x.

The 2.3.x is not compatible with 2.2.x branch, network protocol has changed so you need that Client AND Server has same version 2.2.x or 2.3.x. You can install both versions in parallel !!! See the next video to know how to do !

This version is compatible with the 2.3.0-beta2 in both way (client/server).


All changes since 2.2.9 (2.3.0 + beta versions):

Click to see the changelog for LotAtc 2.3.0...

Since beta2:

Bug Fixes

all: Fix trouble when changing multimonitor configuration (more robust)
client+editor: Fix bad behavior when moving drawing to another layer
client+editor: Fix crash when use map settings layer sliders
client+editor: Fix folder settings not correctly saved
client+editor: Fix transponder update not correctly working on objects panels
client+editor: Some case with measure line
client: Fix radio position not correctly updated (SRS/UR)
configurator: Fix clone profile set bad names (and causes loading error)
configurator: Fix trouble when cloning profile
configurator: troubles with configurator, cannot set cloned profiles
editor: Double-click on the objects list does not work correctly
editor: Fix transponder input in object editor
editor: Fix troubles between filename and name displayed on header
server+generator: Fix bad behavior with mode4 + transponder file, avoid overwritting classification if already done in this cases.
server+generator: Radar basic sphere model does not detect ground units
server+generator: Trouble on units synchronization in simulation units, can cause contacts not seen (is it the famous trouble with humans not seen ?? it could…)
server+generator: With ground units no move and real_tracking option, track position is not correct causing symbol missing on client
server: ENI units can give RWR information


advanced: When instructor is active, you can show real type of all units with “show all” button in properties and objects panel
all: Better window save/restore management
client+editor+generator: Set .mis for scenario file (no change inside, only extension to avoid confusion)
client+editor: Do not save void layers for drawing
client+editor: Set .env for drawing file (no change inside, only extension to avoid confusion)
client: Add prev/next button for charts + more explicit author/link to get the files
client: Reduce size of the + button in chat bar
editor: Changing airport coalition change color in editor
server: Better management of large unit spawn in LotAtc, deferred new units search for better performances
server: Track number does not more follow internal DCS ids (so they are unique)


advanced: Add button to reset classification to pending (for instruction)
client+editor+generator: Add option in general settings to change the local time letter (L to J for example)
client+editor: Add altitude field in drawing, if altitude > 0, map altitude filter is also applied on drawing
client+editor: Add option to change selection pulse time + let a circle around current selection (options > item > selection)
editor: Add Bulls+distant circles button in object editor to Editor
editor: Airports coalition is now saved/load with scenario
server+configurator: Add automatic install to SlMod also (not enabled by default, see Configurator)
server: Add IP address of client in stats.json

Click to see the changelog for LotAtc 2.3.0-beta1...


advanced: Add option to show RWR lines
client: Add system time in the time box on bottom right (click on it to switch Locale -> UTC -> System)
client: Add %(tn) block in labels to display the TN number
client: Add option to enable/disable fade out of RWR lines
client: Add detection range/threat range/radar scan period block for labels
client: Restore delete server drawing Factorize are you sure dialog Various fix in QML
client: Add radar coverage option
client: Can chat to any other coalition controller by private chat
client: Add option to show/hide chat notification
client: Add braa title customization in BRAA panel
client+configurator+editor: Add hidden option to launch in software renderer
client+editor: Can customize the measure line now (with HTML support)
client+editor: Change the way to customize bulls cursor, use the reset button in options to restore it if it displays %1 stuff
client+generator+server: Show basic flight info/plan
client+server: Add wind on 2000 and 8000m for main weather + airport
configurator: Add autosave option, you can disable it now, a save button will appears on top for manual save
configurator: Add settings + translations
configurator: Can insert LotAtc Link script in DCS World directory now
configurator: Automatic refresh with dcs.log
editor: Add airport importer function in editor (create a new airport, fill its code, click on import from web button, then save…)
editor: Add a way to change behavior+waypoint type for all waypoints of a waypoint order
editor: Add waypoint type
editor: Add duplicate order button
editor: Add max values for speed for units in editor
editor: Select order from timeline by clicking on it
editor: Show waypoint altitude when clicking on it
editor: Add Bulls+distant circles button in object editor to Editor
editor: Show name + altitude near symbol on map
server: Import DCS Ips points as drawing (server option to enable/disable it)
server: Add option to display imported DCS Drawings + Ips visible or hidden by default in LotAtc Client/Advanced
server: LotAtc can now read DCS Marks
server: Add option to enable/disable drawing import
server+config+client: Profile + config entries are now translatable
server+generator: Add options to enable or not the datalink info retrieval, can be off, all units in coalition, only datalink enable units in coalition
server+missionlink: Get dynamic fuel status for units


all: profile parameteres are now sorted in categories
client: Can search in objects panel using comment, transponder and TN
client: Rework BRAA window
client: Show enable datalink features in properties
client: Remove %(gs_unit) now all blocks display by default the unit, you can use %(gs|nounit) option to remove the unit
client+configurator+editor: Rework settings windows
client+editor: Last panel in dock adapt is size to its container if no scrolling
client+editor: Add B for bulls in measure line
configurator: Better LotAtc Link detection + display last DCS launched with the Saved games instance
editor: Use continuous climb on waypoints instead full climb then wait next waypoint
server+generator: Simplify radar modelisation choice, only all or monoradar now, datalink is activable for both in its own option

Bug Fixes

advanced: Fix crash with TAF Panel due to Qt bug
all: Logs are not always pushed
all: Fix default paths fix(generator+editor): Fix default path for Generator/Editor
client: Filtered units are selectable
client: can click on the “available values” in options > label
client: Fix hide/show labels on pan settings not working
client: Fix bad time computation for interception
client+editor: Shortcuts text not translated
client+editor: Hidden docks show on sidebar when minimized
client+editor: Too much log in output
editor: Hippodrome altitude reset when moving it from the map
editor: Fix ground speed value feedback in object editor
editor: comment not saved in scenario
editor: Crash when using orbit order
editor: Fix initial coords does not retain heading and groundSpeed if set in Object Editor
editor: Fix bad computation on acceleration
editor+generator: Change bdd to database text
server: Fix crash in some case
server: Better error output on profiles loading
server: error with wind direction

Click to see the changelog for LotAtc 2.3.0-beta2...

Bug Fixes

advanced+editor: Transponder display is not always correctly updated with instructor/editor
client+editor: Bearing on measure line was not correct and missed a 0 for 090
client: Restore TN to 4 numbers
editor: Double-click on the objects list does not work correctly
editor: Fix transponder input in object editor
editor: Fix troubles with database loading
editor: time not in UTC in mission panel
generator: Force classification if necessary (depends on server settings) clean even if classification is present in scenario file
server+generator: Fix ground unit with radar not seen as radar
server: Fix RWR check on some units not in our coalition in some cases


client+editor: reduce icon size for some editor
configurator: Better message for LotAtc Link with automatic install
generator: Better time display (as in Client)


client: Can edit detection/threat range from objects panels now
client: Rework objects panel (more customizable, direct edit in table)
server: Add a profile.example.lua in root of LotAtc saved games with more help on profile (as for config.custom.example.lua)
server: Automatic install for LotAtc Link (can be disabled)

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