I publish today the second beta for the 2.3.0 release. The 2.3.x is a large rework of the code see this post for more information on this release.

As it is a “beta”, consider this version as unstable.

This version is compatible with the 2.3.0-beta1 in both way (client/server).

It contains some bugfixes and some new features:

  • LotAtc Link auto install feature (enabled by default), SlMod auto install is not yet managed, I hope to be able to have that in next version
  • Rework of the objects panel (more customizable, direct edit in table)

How to install

To install the beta, you need to activate the Beta repository of LotAtc. Just launch LotAtc_installer.exe and follow the 3 steps below:

Once done, go in Add/remove components to add 2.3.x in parallel than 2.2.x.

The 2.3.x is not compatible with 2.2.x branch, network protocol has changed so you need that Client AND Server has same version 2.2.x or 2.3.x. You can install both versions in parallel !!! See the next video to know how to do !

Thanks to all for using beta and sending me feedbacks!


Click to see the changelog for LotAtc 2.3.0-beta2...

Bug Fixes

advanced+editor: Transponder display is not always correctly updated with instructor/editor
client+editor: Bearing on measure line was not correct and missed a 0 for 090
client: Restore TN to 4 numbers
editor: Double-click on the objects list does not work correctly
editor: Fix transponder input in object editor
editor: Fix troubles with database loading
editor: time not in UTC in mission panel
generator: Force classification if necessary (depends on server settings) clean even if classification is present in scenario file
server+generator: Fix ground unit with radar not seen as radar
server: Fix RWR check on some units not in our coalition in some cases


client+editor: reduce icon size for some editor
configurator: Better message for LotAtc Link with automatic install
generator: Better time display (as in Client)


client: Can edit detection/threat range from objects panels now
client: Rework objects panel (more customizable, direct edit in table)
server: Add a profile.example.lua in root of LotAtc saved games with more help on profile (as for config.custom.example.lua)
server: Automatic install for LotAtc Link (can be disabled)

Read full changelog


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