It is time to make a review of the year 2022 and give some updates for the future !


Last year was crucial for LotAtc.

As you know, since end of 2018, I am working as fulltime job on this project.

RBorn Software was created in mid 2020 to manage the project and start Professional part of the project. (I am the only employee of RBorn Software).

The objectives of 2022 for the project were to:

  • Find how to finance the project for the next following years
  • Be able to have a salary from my work on LotAtc
  • Migrate all the code to Qt6, that will allow me to gain performances (with Vulkan support already in 2.3.0-beta1 and develop lot of new things in the future
  • Start the ESM simulation
  • Have a new Generator engine to develop LotAtc professional
  • Start LotAtc Twitch streaming

All theses objectives has been done this year, some in the last month with the 2.3.0-beta1 or the first Twitch stream… :)


The project

LotAtc 2.3.0 is on the way, I will release a new version next week I hope with bugfixes but also two great surprises (it was not ready for the first beta):

No more need to add the script line on each DCS update, I was able to make it automatically. It will be set by default (but could be disabled) with LotAtc Configurator. LotAtc Link allows LotAtc to interact with mission script:

  • Get realtime weather
  • Get realtime status of payload/fuel for datalink feature
  • Interact with DCS Marks
  • more to come…

That will simplify server setup. Just install LotAtc Server, configure it and let’s go.

Objects panel rework

I have rewrote the objects panels, you will be able to add/remove columns, resize them and directly edit parameters as:

  • name, callsign, type, commment
  • classification, dimension
  • (NEW) Detection and threat range of any unit
  • Transponder (with Generator)

image-left image-left image-left

I will also deliver an update for Falklands maps (to support new airports + airport views) in the next weeks. Concerning maps, support for the new maps will also be done once they will be released.

The next Twitch stream will be on that part (this month) certainly.


LotAtc is firstly and will stay a project for the public DCS World community. With more than 4500 users now, LotAtc community continue to grow, new squadrons discover LotAtc and start to work with it this year…

That is something that is really important for me. LotAtc is coming from the DCS Community and it is its DNA.

For each professional feature asked, I try to negociate to make it available also for public version, that will bring the following feature for example :

  • ESM
  • Datalink
  • New generator engine


LotAtc Professional branch has been developped with the French Navy since 2019 and now, the French Air Force this year that invest on this project.

I have also signed a great partnership this year with DCI Group to provide LotAtc simulator (Generator+Advanced+Client) for GCI training for European countries and NATO members. It is a long term project that will allow me to develop great things for LotAtc.

Thanks to all for the confidence they have in me!


2.3.0 release and next

See the post on 2.3.0-beta1

The main goal is the release of 2.3.0 is the next week. Then I will continue the work on different axes:

  • ESM (triangulation…)
  • Datalink
  • ATC part rework (ATC view+approach)
  • DCS interaction (for AI but also with DCS Drawings…)
  • New documentation (up to date in English and French)

Of course, I will continue to make LotAtc better and better…


I hope to be able to make at least 1 stream per month, I have already some topics in mind:

  • LotAtc Link + AI manipulation
  • LotAtc Generator
  • How to use efficiently LotAtc…

Let me know if you have specific topics you want to see!


A big thanks for all your support, special mention to:

  • All users that provide constructive feedbacks (good or bad) on the project, they always help me to enhance it
  • Eagle Dynamics teams for there support and help!!!
  • Robbie and MrPixelGlitch for Discord/Twitch moderation
  • Vyrtuoz (Tacview ) and Ciribob (SRS ) for their work and their help, be able to discuss to make easier the use of our software together is very great!

and finally to all LotAtc users, your support is awesome, I am glad to continue to work on that project for another year (and lot more after for sure!). 2023 will make LotAtc better with lot of new stuff !

I wish you all a very happy year 2023 !


You can contact me: