API for scenarios

All bdd and scenarios are described in JSON format.


Parameter Description Example
name Name of the mission -


"mission" : {
Parameter Description Example
description Mission description -
description_blue Mission description for blue coalition -
description_red Mission description for red coalition -
theatre Map to use (Caucasus, Nevada, World World
bullseye (see below) -
year Year 2019
month Month 12
day Day 21
time Number of second since midnight 4526


bullseye {
    blue {
    red {

For each coalition, bullseye is definde by:

Parameter Description Example
longitude Longitude in decimals 43.765
latitude Latitude in decimals -43.765


Parameter Description Example
temperature Temperature in°c 24
qnh QNH 1023 (?)
visibility Visibility in meters 8000
time Time (see below)  
clouds Clouds see below
winds Winds see below

Winds parameter:

winds : {
    ground: {

Ground parameter:

Parameter Description Example
from Ground wind direction/ wind from 127
speed Ground wind speed in km/h 32

Clouds parameter:

Parameter Description Example
density Cloud level between 0 (nothing) - 9 (overcast) 8
base Cloud base level in meters 1200
thickness Cloud thickness 800



Parameter Description Example
name Name of item Magic
tn TrackNumber of item TN1234
callsign Callsign of item MG-01
onboard_num Callsign of item MG-01
group_name Group name  
comment Comment  
category Category: plane/ helicopter/ ship/ vehicle plane
type Type (F-18C/ Stennis) E-2C
rcs RCS of the unit 6
is_carrier Is a carrier (useful to enable approach) false
coalition Coalition (blue/red/neutral) blue
detection_range Distance radius of max radar detection in meters 50000
threat_range Distance radius of threat in meters 70000
status Status of the unit (alive = 1/ inactif = 2) 1
latitude Latitude 42.2345
longitude Longitude 44.321
altitude Altitude in meter 8520
ground_speed ground Speed in km/h 324
heading_deg Heading in degress 328

Radar section

For each object you can define a radar with:

Parameter Description Example
radar_status Radar is active true
scan_period Scan period for radar in seconds 4
air_rcs Min RCS detectable for air at air_dist value 6
air_dist Distance for min RCS detection of air_rcs in metres 50000
surface_rcs Min RCS detectable for surface at surface_dist value 6
surface_dist Distance for min RCS detection of surface_rcs in metres 50000

Radar parameters are defined with:

    "scan_volume" : {
        "azimuth": [-180.0, 180.0],
        "elevation": [-45.0, 45.0]

Transponder section

For each object you can define its transponder

Parameter Description Example
mode Mode of transponder (N/I/-) I
mode1 Mode 1 (2 numbers/ 00 for inactive) 23
mode2 Mode 2 (4 numbers/ 0000 for inactive) 2313
mode3 Mode 3 (4 numbers/ 0000 for inactive) 1263
mode4 Mode 4 (2 letters/ FR/EN/ – for inactive) FR
modeS Mode S (6 hexa/ 000000 for inactive) A34E12


Parameter Description Example
frequencies List of frequencies for the airport 128.250/40.000
code Airport coe LFLO
ur_id Airport id on UniversRadio 3
tacan TACAN of airport 12X