I am excited to release the first beta for 2.3.12 today! This version requires a beta phase because I’ve rewritten some critical parts of the server core.

The JSON server is now only useful when you are using the LotAtc mission script API (as lotatcLink.registerAtis or lotatcLink.registerUserFlag) . If you are not utilizing this feature, you can disable it (it is now disabled by default).

The updated link integration ensures that weather, datalink, drawing, and marks data are synchronized more effectively (better performances, avoiding potential CPU peaks in some cases. This improvement will also enable extra features in the future.

In the image above:

  1. Enable/disable the JSON server (only with use of the LotAtc mission script)
  2. Automatic install of LotAtc Json launcher, to use with 1.
  3. Load automatically MIST and IA commands for Instructor, only needs to utilize with Instructor (no need to have 1. enabled)

The datalink network management has undergone a significant overhaul. The new implementation fixes numerous bugs and provides better performance as well.

ESM/RWR evolution

RWR is the youngest feature of LotAtc, and I have enhanced the detection algorithm to provide more realistic and useful results for users.


As it is a “beta”, consider this version as unstable.

To install the beta, you need to activate the Beta repository of LotAtc. Just launch LotAtc_installer.exe and follow the 3 steps below:

The 2.3.12-beta1 is compatible with 2.3.x branch

Thanks to all for using beta and sending me feedbacks!


Click to see the changelog for LotAtc 2.3.12-beta1...

Bug Fixes

advanced: Rework RWR display engine, should avoid some glitches
all: Faster sqlite db access
all: Fix some crash
client: Fix classification filter in map
client: Fix crash in some case with SRS
client: Fix filter ground unit not working
client: Fix in radar list current radar name
client: Settings for range rings (color and alpha) does not work
editor+advanced: Set radar active/inactive does not work
link: Fix error with airport weather
lua: Avoid troubles with DCS rectangle without angle info
server+generator: RWR only show known tracking units that emits
server+generator: Radar basic shere model does not detect ground units
server+link: Fix link auto install with last DCS version
server: Avoid decimals in ATIS for qnh and temperature


advanced: Better UI to manage show/hide flightplan
all: Rework of datalink simulation, fix lot of troubles with the DL network simulation
installer: Update installer
server: Increase performance of lua/c++ interface


all: Add reset task command for DCS IA, it cancel orbit or hold task
all: Add dialog to ask for automatic crashs upload on first start

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You can contact me:

We are taking a break until the end of July, but our license generation and support services will continue uninterrupted. Please note that any delays we experience during this time may be extended. Thank you for your understanding.