During the last few weeks, I have reworked two major components of the LotAtc Server: LotAtc Link and the datalink simulator.

LotAtc Link

I have managed to integrate the LotAtc Link routines directly into the server rather than in mission scripts.

The advantages are:

  • Better performances (no need to transfer data between LotAtc Server and mission scripts)
  • Easier to use; no longer requiring the json server to be active, resulting in less impact (as some small lags in some cases), no additional port management, and no extra steps to be done by server admins
  • Simplifies maintenance for me and will allow me to have more interaction with DCS

The json server and mission script will only be necessary for flags and ATIS interaction from mission scripts (so registerAtis and registerUserFlag API).


Originally designed for the “select radar” modeling, but with the “global implementation”, the datalink network construction was inadequate and led to poor DL management with some troubles.

I have since rewritten it, resulting in improved performance and greater satisfaction with this new implementation.


Both enhancements will be included in the next major release of LotAtc. I am currently in the testing phase and hope to release it within the next few weeks!

Have a great weekend!


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