Here a status of my current work on the different LotAtc project:

Community Github repository

I have created a community Github repository to regroup all community drawings or themes (why not transponders files also?).

It does not contains too much files now, so if you want to share your files, send your pull requests. I hope it will be useful and used for everyone!

Here the link:

New scheduler

Concerning the development, I work hard on a big server update: the new unit scheduler.

Following this article

The goal is to increase LotAtc server performances and decrease CPU impact on the server. The idea is to prioritize DCS unit updates for planes and helicopters and decrease ground/ship updates (as A/A and A/G radar have not same framerates and ground speeds of each type are not the same). On a mission with 2000 units and only 200 units in the air, the new scheduler will make air units more updated than ground, air units will be updated by LotAtc more frequently than ground units. The result is less CPU used, better updates, less ground unit impact in LotAtc and finally more updates on the client side.

And it is not the only advantage!

The new scheduler allows fast rate updates for PAR/Carrier approach. When LotAtc PAR/Carrier radars see unit in this scope, it asks the new scheduler to put a fast refresh on this unit, the PAR approach is now near real-time update!

That is applying also on all grounded planes/helicopters in airports, taxiing and ground operations will be easier with that (real-time update).

Of course, the new scheduler is constantly trying to have a good refresh but less impact on CPU. If there are too many units in fast priority, the update framerate will decrease automatically. For server owners, nothing will change, same parameters as before.

With this new unit scheduler, LotAtc Server will be more big missions friendly !

The new scheduler is almost done and will come soon in a public beta phase certainly to make real server testing before a public release.


I have done lot of fixes/features the last weeks, here a no-exhaustive list :

  • carrier management (better precision of PAR)
  • DCS free polygon drawing support
  • DCS datalink STN number support (you can see it in LotAtc Client)
  • better ghost support (each position will be now every 2s)
  • better vertical speed support (add a new label block %(climb_speed) )
  • lots of fixes in datalink support
  • a better crash reporting system

Lot moreā€¦


You can contact me: