Here is an fixed version for LotAtc client 2.0.0-beta2, it includes:

Fix Cannot zoom with mouse over an item
Fix make right side of approach and object panel resizeable
Fix IDENT not INDENT typo
Fix map is no more display after zoom in/out

This version is FULLY compatible with LotAtc Server 2.0.0-beta2


It is a beta version, consider it as UNSTABLE If you want something stable, use the stable version

Client LotAtc4DCS - 64 bits - 2.0.0-beta2-1 (EXE)

If you have already installed LotAtc Client 2.0.0-beta2, you can get the patch:

Client LotAtc4DCS - 64 bits - PATCH 2.0.0-beta2 -> 2.0.0-beta2-1 (EXE)


You can contact me: