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08:56 PM LotAtc 4 DCS Help: RE: Airfields not displayed
Yes, the 1.0.2-beta1 version has trouble with airfields, it will be fixed in the upcoming version (in few days) ! Sor...


03:50 PM LotAtc 4 DCS LotAtc: RE: Stealth players
Thanks for report, I have found a bug around that with the 1.0.2-beta1, it will be fixed for next version in few days...


01:16 PM LotAtc 4 DCS Enhancement #301 (Resolved): Arrow key should move the map
Applied in changeset commit:lotatc|84d12ed6224d778597be3182dfcce1e291eec198.
12:50 PM LotAtc 4 DCS Feature #351 (Resolved): Integrate NEVADA sector draw


08:36 PM LotAtc 4 DCS Feature #381 (Resolved): UR Intercom can not work
Applied in changeset commit:lotatc|cc91f5b930f6cf5256535704c3df9137f22a0830.


04:41 PM LotAtc 4 DCS LotAtc: RE: Stealth players
Thanks, I confirmed that the bug is still unresolved, I continue to track it... For airports, this version has troubl...


11:48 AM LotAtc 4 DCS Beta-test: 1.0.2
Hi all,
Here is the first beta for the 1.0.2 of LotAtc:
* Better contact management (deletion/hu...


04:45 PM LotAtc 4 DCS LotAtc: RE: Stealth players
Yes I have some reports about that problem, I have experienced it also on our recent squad LAN. It seems re...


09:49 AM LotAtc 4 DCS Features, ideas for future: RE: Option to set coordinates degrees, minutes and thousandths of a m...
Good one, add it in the list! Thx


01:30 PM LotAtc 4 DCS LotAtc: RE: [Bug] Player names doesn't always align to DCS server
Which version of LotAtc do you run? What profile do you use?
Could you sent me the logs to my email please: dart a...

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