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LotAtc client license costs:

The licence includes:

  • the right to use the current version of LotAtc 4 DCS client on one unique computer,
  • all next bugfixes releases and the next features listed (you’ll be able to upgrade with your current licence, no additional costs),
  • and certainly other features not yet listed.

Your purchase will help me to spend time to enhance LotAtc and add new features!

Payment can be made with Paypal, using the following link.

The license is for one computer and is only valid if you’re an individual or a non-profit organization.
If your are not in this case, please contact me directly

As it is a manual operation for me to send the license key, it could take up to 24h. I am living in UTC+1 zone. If 24h have passed, check this forum if there is not a post describing a temporary problem with the operation. If not, then please contact me directly

  • Check your spam folder, the email with the license key is sometimes put directly in the spam folder.
  • If you register with an hotmail email, the server trash sometimes the email without notification for you or email error on my side... If you have not received the email within the 24 hours, just send me a email, I will use another method to deliver it to you.

Problems/questions with payment? See the Payment FAQ.


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