LotAtc 1.0.1 - Bugfix release

Added by DArt about 1 year ago

Here is the 1.0.1 release, it is essentially a bugfix version.

Thanks for all beta-testers (see corresponding thread in the forum) to help me stabilize this version.

Changelog since 1.0.0

ONLY WORK WITH DCS >= 1.5 (DCS 2.0 is OK)
  • Fix problem on slot changes and mission restart
  • Better LUA glue (faster+more robust)
  • Fix mission time
  • Lot of fixes around server thread/socket
  • Optimisation - Better performances
  • Fix E-2D not used as AWACS
  • Fix for crash while Zooming
  • Add user id in about dialog
  • Other fixes
You can remove your user/LotAtc 4 DCS Data/relief.db, it has been rename in caucasus.db

So, now, here the links!



If LotAtc server does not work at first install follow this: KB#3

If you have any question/suggestions/remark/problem, use the forums or my email

And Next?

Next is the 1.1.0 in the scope, here is some features I am already developing for some weeks:

  • UniversRadio Transponder/IFF support (Mode 3 and Mode 4)
  • New map display (with satellite view..)
  • Datalink support with payload/lock update from pilots to LotAtc
  • Certainly lot of others things...


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