LotAtc 1.0.0 Final release!

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After lot of beta then Release Candidate, the DCS 1.5/2.0 release that forced me to rewrote 90% of my lua (but so better now), here is the long awaiting 1.0.0 release !

Thanks for all users that help me, especially the 3rd-wing, 132nd, 476th, 42VFG teams! Your support and encouragements give me the strength to continue!

Thanks also to the ED team, especially c0ff that helps me a lot with the DCS 1.5/2.0, really really appreciated, hope we can continue to enhance this DCS API to make it even better :) !

And Next?

Next is the 1.1.0 in the scope, here is some features I am already developing for some weeks:

  • UniversRadio Transponder/IFF support (Mode 3 and Mode 4)
  • New map display (with satellite view..)
  • Datalink support with payload/lock update from pilots to LotAtc
  • Certainly lot of others things...

Changelog since RC5

  1. Uninstall 0.9.X version BEFORE installing new one
  2. Documentation is in progress (documentation in progress)
  3. Translations is in progress too (for translators, you can take the files in Translation project, they are up-to-date)
  4. If client is running on slower computer, put all layers opacity at 0 in Map dock, it will speed up display.
Client 1.0.0 will ONLY works with server 1.0.0
ONLY WORK WITH DCS >= 1.5 (DCS 2.0 is OK)
  • Client
    • General
      • Fix airports position and angle
      • Add Nevada airports
      • Fix approaches
      • Fix controller list update
      • Add heading/altitude on approach glide view
      • Fix lot of crashes
      • Fix crash on zooming (hope that is good now...)
  • Server
    • Fix airport does not act as radar correctly
    • Various fixes
    • JSGME is back! Read instructions into the package file!!!
You can remove your user/LotAtc 4 DCS Data/relief.db, it has been rename in caucasus.db

So, now, here the links!



If LotAtc server does not work at first install follow this: KB#3

If you have any question/suggestions/remark/problem, use the forums or my email


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