LotAtc 1.0.0-rc4

Added by DArt almost 2 years ago

Here is a new release candidate for the 1.0.0 ! RC means that it could be the final one! So it must be stable.

Here some informations to read before using it!

  1. Uninstall 0.9.2 version BEFORE installing new one
  2. Documentation is in progress (documentation in progress)
  3. Translations is in progress too (for translators, you can take the files in Translation project, they are up-to-date)
  4. If client is running on slower computer, put all layers opacity at 0 in Map dock, it will speed up display.
Client 1.0.0-rc4 will ONLY works with server 1.0.0-rc4
ONLY WORK WITH DCS >= 1.5 (DCS 2.0 is OK)

Changelog since RC3

  • Client
    • General
      • Windows 10 support!
      • Fix crash when new controller joins
      • Fix documentation/news
    • NEVADA support
      • Add first draft of the map (not finished)
      • Switch automatically following mission theatre
    • Update translations (not yet finished)
    • BugFixes
  • Server
    • Lua glue ( DCS ← Lua glue → LotAtc Server)
      • Nevada support
      • Units are now dynamically managed
      • Big increase of overall performances by using new DCS API (Thanks ED)
      • Airport coalition changed are reflected on client (not yet for radar but will come in next version)
      • Add db/airports.lua file to customise the displayed frequencies on client
      • Fix chat (coalition chat not yet working well)
    • Stabilisation and various fixes
    • Can install LotAtc Server on OpenBeta and OpenAlpha
Nevada support is partial, relief is not yet managed by the server (in progress)

So, now, here the links!



If LotAtc server does not work at first install follow this: KB#3

If you have any question/suggestions/remark/problem, use the forums or my email

Final version will arrive soon! After that, development will continue. Lot of new features are already in development for a better LotAtc experience! Stay tuned!


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