DCS 1.5 + LotAtc

Added by DArt about 2 years ago

Little reminder:

As I HAVE NOT ACCESS to beta-test, LotAtc is currently not DCS-1.5-ready. Once released in OpenBeta, I will be able to test, fix if necessary and release a new version.

The 1.0.0 is hold for a while due to the DCS1.5 release, but I am currently working on the 1.1.0

So to resume:

  • If you want LotAtc on DCS 1.5, wait for my GO (if I am lucky, it could work out of box )
  • The 1.0.0 will be released after DCS 1.5
  • The 1.1.0 is already in progress, I will communicate on this version with 1.0.0 final release certainly



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