Available languages

LotAtc is currently available in:

LanguagesAuthorLast UpdateDirect link
FrenchDArtFeb 10 2018Download
DeutschSupersheepJan 26 2018Download
ItalianAMVI_FlankerJan 26 2018Download
PolishptakoJan 18 2016Download
CzechSuchaczJan 18 2016Download
PortuguesehguimaraesJan 26 2018Download
SerbianArcticSilence/SovaJan 26 2018Download
SpanishFrancisJan 26 2018Download
ChineseuboatsJan 26 2018Download
RussianEdrussiaJan 26 2018Download
SwedishDejjvidJan 26 2018Download
Brazilian PortuguesebrunonakaiSep 17 2015Download

Languages translation are made and maintain kindly by these people, thanks to them. If you find errors, please contact me.

How to help for translations

If you want to contribute, you can have get the files on the Gitlab project.

  • If language is not already created (not in array above) -> Ask me to create one
  • Download Qt Linguist here: Linguist.zip (windows version)
  • Open the lotatc_xx.ts file available in the table upper with Qt Linguist
  • Make the translation, see here for help
  • Send the updated lotatc_xx.ts file to me or make a pull request on the Gitlab

A question about the tool, the procedure or the words to translate? Use contact me by mail

How to test my translations?

  • Once translated, in Linguist, use Release command in File menu, it will create a lotatc_xx.qm file
  • Put the *.qm file into {LotAtc install path}/i18n/ directory (you can make a backup of the old file if you want)
    • LotAtc4DCS path by default: C:\Program Files\LotAtc4DCS\
  • Launch LotAtc4DCS, you can check your translation :)