Profile mechanism

At DCS startup, the {UserHome}/Saved Games/DCS/mods/tech/lotatc/profiles/ directory is listed by LotAtc server and will be displayed in the DCS > Options > Special > LotAtc 4 DCS options page

Default profiles are provided with LotAtc server but you can add your own profiles to customize LotAtc as you want. It could be usefull for a specific campaign or mission for example.

Create my profile

Go into the {UserHome}/Saved Games/DCS/mods/tech/lotatc/profiles/ directory. Just copy custom.lua to a new file for example my_profile.lua.

You can edit any profile with no restriction but files will be overwritten on next LotAtc server update, so copy them is a best choice.

Open the new profile with Notepad++ or any other text editor.

Do not use Notepad, it generally break the lua files, prefer Notepad++

Here is the default settings with explanation, adapt as you want:

    return  {
    -- Name displayed in DCS
    profilename = 'Custom',

    -- You can insert any values available in config.lua, it will be override by this file
    -- Ex: blue_password = "mynewbluepassword"

    -- Show datas 
    showdatas = true,

    -- Show all sams
    showsams = true,

    -- Filter low speed aircrafts/helicopters
    speedfilter = true,

    -- Radar mode
    --  0 = See all, no radaar
    --  1 = Cylinder model, no altitude management 
    --  2 = Sphere model, radar are full sphere
    --  3 = Conic model, radar are sphere but have some blind cone (cone are defined in DCS)
    radar = 1,

    -- Use relief computation
    relieffilter = true,

    -- Automatically set type of contacts
    --  0 = for all contacts
    --  1 = only for friends
    --  2 = only for friends Awacs
    --  3 = disable
    automatictype = 0,

    -- Allows approach on airports
    --  0 = No approach
    --  1 = Only coalition airport can have approach
    --  2 = All airports can have approach
    approachallairports = 1,

    -- Force the use of the player name
    forceplayername = false,

    -- Use neutral coalition for all unknown contact
    neutralcoalitionbydefault = true,

    -- Use callsign instead of group name
    --  0 = Do not use callsign
    --  1 = Use callsign for all units except humans
    --  2 = Always use callsign for all units including humans
    usecallsign = 1,

Once done, start DCS, select your profile in the DCS > Options > Special > LotAtc 4 DCS options page

Advanced configuration

You can also add config values from {UserHome}/Saved Games/DCS/mods/tech/lotatc/config.lua in the profile.lua files, it allows to add specific password for example.

red_password        = "mymissionredpass" ,
blue_password        = "mymissionbluepass",

virtual_awacs_name 	= "myvirtualawacs_",
use_chat = false,

See all available values on the advanced configuration page.

You can create specific profile for a custom event/mission.